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The Paulsen Publishing House is the only publishing house in Russia that specializes in publishing non-fiction, fiction and popular-science literature on the Arctic and the Antarctic. Over the years, publishing house has published more than 200 unique books on scientific research in the Polar Regions, history of geographic discoveries, development of northern territories and life of indigenous peoples. The publishing house works in collaboration with the best specialists in the field – historians, researchers, travelers and photographers.

The name of the founder of the publishing house, Frederik Paulsen, has already been written into the history of Arctic exploration in the XXI century. He is one of the few people, who have been to eight poles of our planet.
In Russia Frederik Paulsen is mostly known as a brave polar explorer, who was awarded the Order of Friendship by the Russian President for taking part in the Russian deep-sea expedition to the floor of the Arctic Ocean at geographic North Pole.
Frederik Paulsen not only takes part in one-of-a-kind expeditions, but also contributes to scientific research that is undertaken by Russia in Polar Regions and supports small indigenous peoples in Northern Russia.
Although very popular, the Arctic is not the only theme on the Paulsen's Publishing House profile. The publishing house also publishes books for children. In the Great Expeditions and Dangerous Journeys illustrated book series we tell the stories about great explorers and famous expeditions in a fun and entertaining way.
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