19 April 2024
Meet the fiction about the North "Triple Polar Plot"
The book includes novels by three outstanding Russian Soviet writers - Oleg Kuvaev, Yuri Kazakov and Boris Gorbatov. They loved the harsh and powerful nature of the Arctic and the Far North, but they were all truly amazed by the people, their stories, moral dignity, resilience, and the beauty of the inner world of man. Their stories are primarily about people.
We hope our readers having touched this classic of fiction about the North, will also feel part of the harmonious world of the heroes of northern stories.
5 April 2024
Meet a new book "The stones speak" by Thorbergur Thordarson
This is one of the most significant Icelandic author of the twentieth century. "The Stones Speak" is an autobiographical work: the narrative begins before the birth of the narrator, then the circumstances of his birth, childhood, and growing up are described.
The book tells how the hero of the storyteller develops his first ideas about his homeland, God, the flow of life, the farm way of life, and ethical standards. A native farm, mysterious night riders, the death of a beloved horse, sheep caught in a trap, relationships with adults, the first experience of poetry and, of course, the mysterious and bewitching life of stones. The stones in the book relate not only to the physical world, but also to the hero's memories and, importantly, to the history of his native land. The stones and rocks are surrounded by legends about the era of the settlement of Iceland.

3 April 2024
Meet a new book "In Ice and Snow. Diary of a trip to Kolguev Island"
In 1894 the English traveler Aubin Trevor-Betty spent several months in the Russian Arctic, on the island Kolguev, and collected material about the nature of this region and the life of its inhabitants - the Nenets. The author broke the ideas of Europeans about the north of Europe as a lifeless uninhabited desert. In Trevor-Betty's vivid literary presentation, we are presented with people who feel happy here; unique, captivating nature with its unique beauty and charm.
The book, published in English in 1895, immediately became a real bestseller; two years later it was published in Russian translation. This publication is supplemented by an introductory article by Nikita Kuznetsov, PhD, and numbers of illustrations from the original version.
The publication continues the "Polar Classics" series.

1 April 2024
Meet a new book "23,000 miles on the yacht Tamara"
This unique publication has been waiting for reprinting for more than 130 years! "23,000 miles on the yacht "Tamara"" was prepared jointly with the Russian Geographical Society and opens the "Royal Voyage" series. Readers can expect two volumes about adventures in the company of two Russian princes and their retinue. The travel notes of the outstanding traveler Gustav Radde contain many everyday details and interesting observations of the lifestyle of aristocrats. The colorful drawings by artist Nikolai Samokish, made during the trip, add special value to the book.

26 May 2023
A must-read for anyone who wants to become a professional traveler
We have just received a book from the printing house, salted with sea spray and filled with a thirst for wandering. "С отцом по всем океанам" is a must-read for anyone who wants to become a professional traveler. Oskar Konyukhov talks about preparation of complex expeditions, interaction with partners and sponsors, roles in the team and managing people in emergency situations. The author is an expert in all these issues, because he has been engaged in Fyodor Konyukhov's expeditions for 25 years. The publication for the first time publishes fragments from Fyodor Konyukhov's field diaries, family photos, drawings and copies of documents from the archives of the expeditionary headquarters. The book "С отцом по всем океанам" is available in our online store.
24 August 2022
A Journey through Eastern Siberia by
I. Bulychev

In 1708 by the decree of Peter the Great the Siberian Province was created, which included the lands beyond the Urals, previously under the jurisdiction of the Siberian order. Russian Geographical Society and Paulsen Publishing house republished the book A Journey through Eastern Siberia by I. Bulychev, consisting of 57 lithographs depicting different areas of Siberia, inhabitats and their household items. Lithographs made from paintings by Leopold Nemirovsky are provided with descriptions in russian and english, taken from the works of Ivan Bulychev and also supplemented by an article by historian Ekaterina Tumanik.
25 April 2022
P. Hatfield. Pacific: An Ocean of Wonders
In this volume, the rich history of the Pacific is explored through specific objects, each one beautifully illustrated, from the earliest human engagement with the Pacific through to the modern day. Entries cover mapping, trade, whaling, flora and fauna, and the myriad vessels used to traverse the ocean. This visually stunning publication highlights the importance of an ocean that covers very nearly a third of the surface of the globe, and which has dramatically shaped the world and people around it.
A new look at this fascinating ocean, considering the diversity of culture beyond the familiar viewpoint of colonial history.
Fully illustrated with maps, paintings, artefacts and photographs, with some items from the Library collection reproduced for the very first time.
1 February 2022
Donald S. Jonson, Juha Nurminen. Meritie navigoinin historia
This book tells about a balloon flight from the coast of Svalbard to the North Pole and back. On May 28, 2000, David Hempleman-Adams set off on a solo flight to the North Pole. He knew that if he survived a week in the air, he would become the first person in history to reach the North Pole in a balloon. David decided to fly in a basket, and not in a modern closed capsule, out of respect for three Swedes — Salomon Andre, Nils Strindberg and Knut Frenkel, who flew to the pole in 1897 in an Eagle balloon.
Readers will find amazing stories of both journeys: Andre's tragic flight and the unsurpassed achievement of Sir David Hempleman-Adams. The introduction was written by the famous Russian traveler Fedor Konyukhov, who was inspired by a British pilot to fly around the world in a balloon in 2016.
25 November 2021
Donald S. Jonson, Juha Nurminen. Meritie navigoinin historia
The book combines the rich experience of traditional navigation of the American yachtsman, traveler and writer Donald S. Johnson and the passion for cartography of the Finnish marine writer Juha Nurminen. More than half of the book consists of excellent illustrations from the collection of Nurminen Foundation. From the general history of navigation, the authors distinguished in navigation, tell about the role of astronomy, geography and cartography in the theory and practice of navigation.
For the first time, the book was published in Finnish and English. Today the book is also available to the Russian-speaking audience.
15 December 2020
Erick Torm. When the colour ceases to be just a colour
The book is timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the orphanage in Uummannak (Greenland), which is widely celebrated on September 28 this year. From the first years of its existence, the orphanage attracted the attention of the foreign public, partly due to Rockwell Kent, in whose heart Greenland and this orphanage occupied a special place. The artist supported his work and even wrote about him in his book Salamina.
The author of the book is Eric Torm, a methodologist and director of a child school, who once fell in love, like Rockwell Kent, with Greenland, and has been actively implementing cultural projects of the Uummannak orphanage for 13 years. The book includes photographs from the artist's archive, as well as reproductions of some of his Greenlandic paintings.
15 November 2020
The Mapmaker's World
A Cultural History of the European World Map dives deep into the exciting history of the European world map and the very creation of our own worldview, as the earth was first depicted in maps. In doing so it opens up a fascinating narrative of discovery and cartography, relating not only to geography, trade, ideology and political power, but also to the histories of art and science: what do historical maps tell us of our own perception of the world, and of places and people that are foreign to us? Who were the makers of these early world maps? How were these precious objects created, and for whom were they drawn and printed? For what purposes were they used and what kind of information did they pass on?
9 May 2019
Magic world of cold seas
The album contains over 200 photographs of fauna of White sea, sea of Okhotsk and sea of Japan. Photos are supported by short interesting stories, describing the subjects. Published in Russian and in English languages.
9 April 2017
Paulsen publishing house has become an exhibitor at the IV International Arctic forum "Arctic - territory of dialogue"
IV international forum "the Arctic — territory of dialogue" held from 29 to 30 March in Arkhangelsk has become the main working platform for foreign partners to discuss actual problems and prospects of the Arctic region. The event was traditionally held with participation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.
Publishing house "Paulsen" as an exhibitor presented new books at Gostiny Dvor and after the event donated them to the municipal library of Arkhangelsk
9 March 2017
Til Vestisen
A sealhunting vessel leaves the Northern city of Tromsø for the annual culling of seals. On board is a crew consisting of hardened hunters; all male. On board is also a young, female, recently graduated veterinarian. There is a conflict of gender here, an
undercurrent that is still very much present in Norway.
The men onboard resent Mari for various reasons, but one of the reasons is that she is a woman.
She represents a threat to their group dynamic; to their (hitherto) unquestioned behavior. And so she is gradually and psychologically worn down. It is fiction, but elements of the book are based on accounts from real inspectors.

16 February 2017
By the roads of Russia from Volga to the Urals
Published for the first time in Russian the book of the famous french traveler Paul Labbe (1867–1943) describes his journey in the summer of 1898 to Volga, southern Urals and Kazakhstan. The book depicts everyday life and precious ethnographic observations.
It is an important source of information about of Russia for Europeans of the end of the XIX century. The book is addresed to ethnographers, geographers and general readers.

7 February 2017
You Wouldn't Want To Be In The First Submarine!
Hate tight squeezes and cold, wet spaces? If you don't get stuck sliding down the hatch, you'll still wind up wading through ankle-deep water in ridiculously cramped quarters. And if you don't pump fast enough, that would could reach your neck - or higher! Then forget about traveling on the 1st submarine.

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